Sunday, March 31, 2013

StoryBoard for a W.I.P short film

This is a story for a work in progress short film. The story is about a creepy girl who can trap people within her paintings.

Goofy storyboard

A small sequence based on Goofy. He is fast asleep when he hears a doorbell and his reaction to what he reads.

Fight sequence

This is just an imaginary fight sequence between wolverine and Sabretooth, where Sabretooth almost wins.  

Some Daily sketches.....

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween folks!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


A crazzy mutated Squirrel!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to Auroville!!

Okay, So here’s a little detailed write up of our adventure to Auroville! Do enjoy the read =)

Day 1 :

The bus (KPN Travels) drops us in Pondy at 4.30a.m!! That was two hours earlier to the supposed arrival time! So we had to kill time till 6.30, till the Auroville cab would come pick us up! So we decided to go to the beach instead of waiting on a deserted street with rikshawallas and stray motor bikers ogling at us. Turns out the beach were no safe either!! So we had this stupid idea of walking in and out of the streets trying to escape the worst. In the middle of one of the roads we found an old lady walking with a stick. Preksha, very bravely approaches her and asks something in Tamil. The lady slowly, totally animatedly turns her head and says, “kaadh kekaley”. Preksha comes back to me and tells, “Lakshmi, walk fast. Like go in the opposite direction”! I didn’t really question her either and just did as I was told as the lady did look a lil freaky. Preksha was sure she wasn’t human.

Anyway, a lot of time was successfully killed walking around like lunatics btw we went back to the beach to await our transport!

Reve, finally! Now Reve was just was just as scary as Pondy. Only difference, there were absolutely no people around. Nobody!

As we were looking around for some habitation, arrive the two friendliest dogs I’ve ever seen. After a good amount of, the first person we met in Auroville, Suraa came to us. It felt so good to see someone!! She gave a fair idea about how things function at Reve, which was very relieving. After another good amount of time, came the most welcoming caretaker, Devi, who finally gave us the hut!

Well, the rest of the day was pretty much tiring and uninteresting because of the ‘supreme’ beginning. Btw, we got the moppet!!

Day 2:

This was the day the both of us got together to prepare breakfast! And boy, what a breakfast that was. ‘Soggy/sticky noodle paste’, is what I describe it. Well anyway, it was the beach time! Repos!

Played a little bit, as in as much as wetting our feet:) The heat finally started getting to us. So stopped at the beachside cafĂ© to have some hot chocolate fudge sundae! That was as Preksha described ‘Sweet Poison’. It was so very very very sweet and chocolaty and sugary and syrupy….

We were informed that Auroville doesn’t work on Sundays. So it was the Last day for Devi, the friendly, sweet and extremely hospitable caretaker. Hence, we had a short photo shoot with her.

During the photo shoot, another really friendly neighbour, Wybren joined us. We had the longest conversation in Reve with him!

Anyways, after all that and a long time later, Preksha alone made the dinner for us. Well cooked noodles!! The cat always joined us for dinner. So one of us had to keep him distracted all the time so that he wouldn’t jump into our food!

That was the night when we found the dead snake or rather a snake that still dying. I looked it and said “Woah! Wish we cud take it with us”. And Preksha, who wouldn step out alone out of our hut after seven in the nyte, said “Are you crazy?! Its either you or the snake that will stay!”. And I really didn mind spending the night ouside the hut, but when Preksha realised that she to walk all the way back in the dark to the hut, she was like “No! No! Lakshmi….Come na lets go”!!

Anyways, end of a great day!

Day 3:

Well, nothing much happened on day three other than the roaming around, visiting the matrimandir and a lot of shopping, all at the visitor’s centre. It was the first time the three days we had a ‘Breakfast’, followed by a complete Lunch!

We enjoyed every minute of the day and well that was about it, we said our bye-bye’s to Wybren and the watchman and boarded the taxi back to Pondy for the bus back to Bangalore. End of a glorious 3days!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just another thought...

Was inspired by a really good breakfast one morning ;)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

....Character Designs...

These are a couple of designs I had come up...purpose was for it to be attractive for kids! My first attempt at cute charaters :)

Comments and critiques welcome!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ichimaru gone wild!!!

I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach!I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! I love Bleach! :D